This category is used for site notices and updates. I use it when I add new product descriptions, blog post templates, email templates, or when I release new software.

Template Generator Updates

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve faced with itemScribe is trying to add enough products. The top complaint I get is, “You don’t have descriptions for what I sell!”. So that’s why last year, I came up with the Product Template Generator, which provided fill-in-the-blanks templates. This works by type of product instead of a …

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Details Generator

Sometimes a t-shirt or a coffee cup is not about what it is made of or how it keeps coffee hot. Rather it is about the decoration or recipient of a gift or the occasion for which it is given. For example, a coffee cup with a cat on it shows the cat and the …

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Happy New Year 2021

More Tools Released!

In between updating product descriptions, I have been making a lot of tools that I hope will be helpful. While ItemScribe has and always will be dedicated to bringing you quick quality product descriptions for your shops and websites, I am now branching out with similar tools for Emails and Blog Posts. Here is what …

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bamboo spoon fork knife

Bamboo Product Descriptions

By request, bamboo product descriptions for 4 new items have been added to the product description generator. You’ll find these new products under the Eco-Friendly category. They include: Bamboo Bags Bamboo Cutlery Bamboo Straws Bamboo Water Bottles Here is an example description for Bamboo Cutlery When traveling this bamboo cutlery set will eliminate the need …

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tooth brushes

Electric Toothbrushes

By request, I’ve added descriptions for Electric toothbrushes. You’ll find them under the category of toiletries at the bottom of the category selection. Here is a sample This electric toothbrush will overhaul your brushing routine. The built-in brushing timer will guide you to brush for the dentist-recommended time while the long-lasting battery will come in …

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