body jewelry

Body Jewelry Product Descriptions Added

I’ve just added Body Jewelry Product Description to the classic generator. Check them out!

There are:

  • Anklets
  • Body Chains
  • Beaded Chains
  • Nose Rings
  • Belly Rings
  • Toe Rings

Here are a few sample descriptions:

Anklet Description

The right anklet will enhance an outfit by adding style and flair. The bells give the anklet a pleasant sound and fabulous class. The chain is made from brass and will give you that certain something that will turn heads. Treat your feet to some bling with this lovely anklet.

Body Chain Description

This body chain will surely be the starring piece in your spring to summer wardrobe. Made of white gold this body chain will add a splash of bling and playfulness to your outfit. This grand chain features a lobster clasp which adds another beautiful touch to this piece. A body chain will make you feel more confident and get you through your day with style.

Nose Ring Description

Nothing says “I am my own person, and I can take what comes my way” like a nose ring. The divine hoop style will make heads turn as you enter the room, while the [feature] will give you the edge you are looking for. The ring is easy to wear and non-piercing. This excellent nose ring will draw attention to your face and make you the center of attention.