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Blog Post Checklist

William Clarkson

Whether you’re new to writing or looking to up your game, it’s easy to fall into common pitfalls during the process. That’s why I put together this blog post checklist.

There are so many details concerning writing online articles that you need to use a blog post checklist to be sure you don’t forget anything important. If you plan carefully using a checklist, this should help relieve some of the stress associated with content creation.

Because this can help you speed through all the tedious, repetitive tasks, you’ll be able to spend more of your concentration and schedule on creative activities.

Here are the things I find important when writing blog posts for ItemScribe.

Click on the ? button on any item, and I will give you my insights or more information about the subject.

How to use this checklist

It is so easy to leave out something simple before hitting that publish button, however, sometimes it is the simplest things that can make all the difference.

By following this checklist your post will be easier to share, clear to read, and in the end more easily discoverable by search engines.

Use this checklist as a guide and safeguard to discover possible shortcomings in your blog post process. You don’t need to check off every single item to be effective. Use your best judgment for your unique situation.

If you feel there is something missing from the list please let me know. If I think it will be helpful to others, I’ll gladly add it.