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Easy Blog Promotion Email Template

This blog promotion email template can help you get your writing recognized and into the public eye. As you know, blogging is a powerful tool. We use it to get information to the customers we want to bring into our stores and websites. It can be used to inform, delight, and convert readers into customers.

When writers are writing their blog posts they tend to do it without considering what will be the best way to promote their blog.

This is where this blog promotion email template can help. They can be customized for different promotional needs and have a catchy headline that will encourage readers to click through. It also contains a call-to-action that readers can react to so that you know how well your blog is doing with your target audience.

In order not to miss out on this opportunity, you should send out these email templates with your latest blog posts for promotion purposes.

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What you will need

A blog post

Of course, you’ll need a blog post to share. But not just any post. You’ll want to pick your very best. If you send out material that is seen to be just phoning it in, your audience can tell and you might not get the best response

An idea of your target audience

Knowing your target audience is an important step in having a solid marketing strategy. In order to know your audience as well as how they think, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what they’re looking for from their brand.

An excerpt

This is a little section of your blog. It should be something that has a hook, a sentence to get the reader’s attention. If you aren’t sure which part of the blog to use, you can just use part of the opening paragraph.

Something to say

This is where the blog promotion email template comes in. You’ll find it below. The words in brackets are examples, just change them to suit your own work. For example [Subject] would be cooking, jewelry, whatever your blog or business is about.

Someone to send it to

The rise of social media has made it easier than ever to reach your target audience, but often we need the help of someone with a bigger reach. The idea is to send this to a person who might share it with his or her audience.

However, finding the right influencers can be difficult. You need to find people who are authentic, relevant, and have a large following. We often think of influencers as celebrities but there are other ways to find them too!

How can I find someone to promote my blog?

Chances are you probably already know someone that you follow on your subject. If not see who the top results are on

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

These 4 platforms are the places where most of the influencers have the most sway. If you don’t see a place to contact them on the platform directly Google their name. They will almost be sure to have a website themselves.

You should also check Google itself to find bloggers on your subject. Every blogger is looking for more content to share, and if your content is good enough they will consider it.

You can also use services such as

Use the template below as a starter guide.

Blog Promotion Email Template Text

This was generated with SubjectScribe, my email campaign creator

Hi, {firstname},

I loved [seeing, reading, watching] your work on [YouTube, Twitter, Your Blog] about [Subject].

I really found it [exciting, informative, funny]

Recently, that I wrote a blog post called [10 steps to make cool widgets, 5 ways to spice up your night]

It was made with [programmers, bloggers, foodies] like you in mind.

Given your interest in [Subject], I think you’ll find it informative.

Here is an excerpt

[sample text]

You can read the rest of the post here:

[blog link]

I hope you like it,


[Your Name Here]

Will you get a response?

Maybe, maybe not. But if you don’t aim at something you’ll never hit it. You might need to send out a dozen or so emails before you get a response. The nice thing is, it doesn’t cost anything.

I hope you find this blog promotion email template useful. Feel free to use it as you see fit.