Does my store need a blog?

Does my store need a blog? It seems like a lot of work. While it can be a chore, with the right blog tools it doesn’t have to be. Here is how a blog can really help increase your sales.

I just want to sell things!

Since your site is about selling products and will be very visual with many images, you may be asking yourself why you would need a blog. Shouldn’t your site be about selling the products? If you have great products, shouldn’t just getting the visitor to the site be enough?

While that may be partially true, there are several reasons why a blog may help your site and sales.


A site without traffic isn’t much use. While you can pay for ads or posts on social media to help drive traffic, only words can really bring search engine traffic to your site.

One of the best arguments for a blog is to step-up your search engine visibility. The more blog content you produce, the more opportunities you’ll have to appear in search engines ranking. Organic traffic is free! Blogs provide the perfect way to improve your search engine rankings.

The more words you have on your site, the more the search engines such as  Google or Bing have to feed upon. Search engine traffic can be invaluable because it only brings targeted users to your shop. Only people searching for something mentioned on your website will come through organic search engine results.

Ideal Customers

Blog posts can tell stories that can help your customer solve their problems. Sometimes you can even weave your product into the narrative. A shop that sells handbags can offer blogs on how to care for bags, what to do if something spills, or the latest fashion trends. This type of post can bring your ideal customer to the website.


Does my store need a blog? Yes, because a site without words often looks unprofessional and lazily built. Often I ask site owners that have very little text on their site, why they built it that way.  

The reason most given is that people don’t like to read. This is a common misconception.  Many people upon seeing beautiful images will want a story to go with it.  

While we may think that the population is reading less, and instead will watch videos and listens to music, consider that while YouTube is the second most visited website in the world the first most visited is Google with its search. Search is all about writing and reading.

Also, you are reading this. Reading has greatly increased since the internet came along.

Words bring Imagery

Only words can bring about the imagination. The mind can paint a picture that is tailored to the reader’s pleasures.

For example:

All eyes were upon her, and she felt as if she were a beautiful floating fairy queen and that the night would never end.

That’s hard to put in a picture, but it evokes a positive feeling we all want to experience.

People will forget about the features your product have to offer, but they won’t forget how you make them feel.


A blog can help visitors to your site learn more about you and your product. It gives them an idea of who you are and what you care about. As they know more about you, the more they will trust you. Customers that trust you are much more likely to buy what you are offering.

Does my store need a blog? If you want free traffic, a chance to engage your customer and build up trust then the answer is yes!

do you need a blog?