Opinion Generator

The Opinion Generator is a tool that allows you to generate opinions on different topics. Be warned that the tool might generate a view that is different from what you think. If that happens, click the button again. 

There is an old saying that opinions are everywhere, but facts are hard to come by. This is especially true in the world of politics and public opinion. People tend to have strong opinions about things, even if they don’t have much information to back them up.

Opinionated responses can be challenging to write, but they can be very effective when used correctly. It is essential first to define your opinion and then state it clearly and concisely. You should also present reasons why you believe your opinion is correct. Use this tool to get ideas on how to do just that!

Opinion Generator


Enter the topic and press the button. It may be helpful to put “in favor of” or “against” the topic to generate a response that lines with your views. For example, “in favor of Mr. Jones for president” or “against Mr. Jones for president.”

Suggestions for input

Here are some words and phrases you can try with the opinion generator.

  • Star Wars
  • Superman
  • The school district needs more resources
  • Her new dress
  • Early voting
  • Pay rise for nurses
  • Pineapple on pizza
  • My company and CEO


Here are some examples of what the opinion generator came up with:

Input: new school menu

Output: From what I can tell, the new school menu will be a great option for students. The options are plentiful, and there are many different types of food to choose from. The school seems to try to ensure everyone can find something they’ll enjoy.

Input: against new office rules

Output: I oppose new office rules because they will create more chaos and inconvenience. People will be forced to learn new rules, making it difficult to get work done.

Input: I like Thai food

Output: I like Thai food because it is a great way to get your fix of spicy and flavorful food. The flavors in Thai food are unique, and I always enjoy trying new recipes.

Input: The new website

Output: The new website is excellent! It’s easy to navigate, and the layout is user-friendly. The content is well-written and provides valuable information. I like the fact that it’s updated regularly with new content.

Input: Against the new website

Output: The new website is awful. It’s laggy, and the design is outdated. The content is also poor and doesn’t seem to be updated very often. Overall, I would not recommend using this website.

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips on writing influential online opinions:

  1. Make sure your opinion is well-reasoned and supported by evidence.
  2. Be clear and concise in your writing.
  3. Use strong language only when necessary to make your point clear.
  4. Use specific examples to support your points rather than generalizing or making sweeping statements.
  5. Avoid using inflammatory language or attacking others in your opinion piece.

What is an opinion?

An opinion is a statement about something that someone feels strongly about. It can be positive or negative, usually based on personal experience or knowledge. Opinions are sometimes shared in writing (such as in an essay, article, or letter), but they can also be spoken aloud.

Opinions differ from facts because they express a point of view rather than a statement backed by concrete evidence that doesn’t change from person to person. England is a country is a fact, but saying England is a great place to live is an opinion. Opinions can be supported by facts, such as the weather being nice or people friendly. However, this does not turn the opinion into a fact.

How do you write an opinion?

There are a few different ways to write an opinion piece: 

  • Start with a topic you’re passionate about and explore the issue’s implications from multiple angles. 
  • Write about a personal experience that sheds light on the issue. 
  • Use persuasive language to argue your point of view. 
  • Draw on facts and statistics to support your argument.