Blog Outline Generator

Our Blog outline generator can help you create an outline for each blog post with all the information you need to get started writing an engaging and impactful post. Are you looking to start writing blog posts but don’t know where to begin? Look no further. Give the generator the subject, and you’ll get an outline for your blog post or article.

Breaking an article into sections

Breaking an article into sections is essential because it allows for easier reading and understanding. Sections make it easy to jump to the information you are looking for, whether it is a specific fact or a section of the article that you are most interested in. Additionally, separating an article into sections makes it easier to cite when writing a paper or providing information to someone else.

This tool lets you set up the sections before you start writing. Enter the topic of your post, and our generator will take care of the rest! So why wait? Start writing today!


Enter the subject or title of your blog post and click the “get headings” button until you find the ones you want. Copy the text to your blog and turn the text into h2 headings.

Note: This tool is beneficial but not perfect. Occasionally, this tool will try to start writing your article for you. You can either copy this information or click again for headings.

Suggestions for input

  • Celebrating the small moments of joy and happiness
  • Coming to terms with change
  • Creative endeavors
  • Experiencing personal triumphs and tragedies
  • Finding meaning in life
  • Finding purpose in life
  • Growing up and becoming an adult
  • Life transitions
  • Personal growth
  • Positivity
  • Searching for a purpose in life
  • Selfcare
  • Solutions to common problems
  • Struggles with relationships
  • The ups and downs of life


Input: A family’s holiday tradition for Christmas


  • traditions
  • celebrations
  • symbols
  • recipes

Input: a celebration of life and all that comes with it.


  • Life celebration topics
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Marriage
  • Deaths

Input: Biking in France


  • Biking routes in France
  • Biking rental in France
  • Biking safety in France
  • Biking tours in France
  • Cycling holidays in France
  • French cyclist culture

Input: Saving money for single moms


  • Saving money for single mothers
  • Single mother budget tips
  • Tips to save money on groceries
  • How to save money on car repairs
  • Single mother financial planning

Tips and tricks

Here are some ways to break down your article into sections

  1. Start by identifying the overall topic of your post
  2. Then break down that topic into specific points
  3. Finally, provide helpful tips and resources to follow along with your post.

Frequently asked questions

How to write a blog outline?

  • A blog outline is a great way to organize your thoughts when writing a blog post. A basic blog outline might look like this:
  • Title of the post
  • Introduce the main topic
  • State the facts or claim
  • Gain support for the claim
  • The reason why readers should care
  • Conclusion/takeaways

How do you break down an article into individual sections?

An article might be divided into sections based on its main topic. For example, an article about a new movie might be broken down into segments about the plot, cast, and reviews.