Alphabetical Order Tool

List Alphabetical Order Tool

If you want to rapidly sort a list in alphabetical order or reverse, use this free handy List Alphabetical Order Tool to quickly order what you need. The tool can also remove duplicates from the list if you need a collection of unique words.

Most people have a basic understanding of putting things in order, but manually can be quite painful mentally. I was doing this quite a bit, and though I found a few tools online that would do it for me, they didn’t quite have everything I needed, so I just wrote this quick, useful tool. In my experience, the necessity to relieve a problem is the reason for anything getting invented!

How to use the List Alphabetical Order Tool

Just copy and paste your list of items from a webpage, or type in words into the box. Each item should be on its own line, but you should be fine if you copy a list from a page.

Then press the A-Z button to sort the items or the Z-A button if you want it to order the items in descending order. Then select and copy your list from the List Alphabetical Order Tool to use in your own blog.

If you need to use this for coding, as I often do, you can also join the words together with a comma, or take that output later and remake this list.

I use lists a lot and often need to change the order or make a comma-delimited string for code. This tool will do that, and will also split a string or commas, or semicolons.

Try it out!

If you want to see how it works, copy the list below and paste it into the box above.

  • scandalous
  • eye
  • actor
  • annoyed
  • nondescript
  • jelly
  • spell
  • functional
  • cushion
  • mug
  • lunch
  • magnificent

Join or spit by commas

If you want to reorder a comma or semicolon delimited string follow these simple steps.

  1. Copy the line above and paste it into the box above
  2. Press the advanced key
  3. Press the “Split,” button
  4. Order the list A-Z
  5. Press the “Join, button”