Testimonial Generator

Use this testimonial generator to make placeholder text for your landing pages. It is great for client mockups. Just enter some information about your product. Select reviews from men, women, or both, and you’ll get a random review ready to copy and paste. There is also a special fashion section. If you’d like more categories for a special product just let me know!

Building trust online requires effort on the part of the store owner. We’ve all seen online reviews that can make or break a business. That’s why testimonials are so important. I’ve even had a few potential clients ask for them. When I was just starting out I didn’t have any. This is a problem for anyone starting out.

Testimonial Examples

note: These are generated examples, not from genuine customers.

Thanks ItemScribe! Your product descriptions are amazing and your service is wonderful .

-Sadie Jones

Would definitely recommend ItemScribe and will definitely be ordering again. 

-Hailey Roberts

The size, the fitting and the style of the little black dress is amazing!

-Lillian Wilson

my handbag has just arrived.  It is soooo beautiful. Thank you for sending it so quickly. Looking forward now to the other stuff I ordered!

-Penelope Green

How many testimonials should I have on my site?

Include as many testimonials on your site as possible. This will help clear up any doubt in your visitors’ minds and show them the proof. Testimonials from your customers will greatly increase trust which eventually can lead to sales.

Make whatever effort you can to collect testimonials from your customers that emphasise your quality of products, service. Happy customers help bring other happy customers.

testimonial generator

How can I get testimonials for my online store?

Asking for reviews

You can simply ask customers for a review or testimonial. This is especially true if you have given the customer a freebie or some extra help.

Usually, if a customer says something nice in an email thanking me, I’ll tell them it was no problem and would he or she mind giving a review.

If applicable, I rewrite what they have said to put in a review form. By review form, I mean removing any personal information and slang and making it sound more professional. The testimonial generator will give you good examples to follow.

Next, and this is important, I send it back to them in the new form and ask their permission to use it.


Another great way to get reviews and testimonials is by creating a form. This is also great feedback to help develop your product line. Ask what they like BUT also what they didn’t like. There is always room for improvement, which can lead to happier customers.

It is a good idea to have testimonials and feedback sent to you rather than setting things up to post immediately to your website. You don’t want to get a lot of spam or unreasonable posting cluttering your site.

I hope you find this testimonial generator valuable for your business. If you do, please consider using the feedback form to leave me a review!