Product Story Generator

A product story generator is a unique online tool allows you to easily create a well-written product story that will help sell your idea to potential customers. Enter the details of your product, and our automatic story generator will take care of the rest. With this powerful tool at your disposal, creating a compelling product story is easy – so don’t wait any longer!

Product Story Generator


Enter the name or idea of your product and press the “Write my text” button, and the generator will give you a story.

Suggestions for input 

  • Fashion
  • Little Black Dress
  • Custom Earrings
  • Specialty wines
  • Greek olive oil, 
  • local honey
  • chocolates
  • Candles

Product Story Samples

Input: Sound-canceling earphones

Output: When I was younger, I always wanted earphones that would cancel out all the sounds around me. I could go to dinner with my family and not worry about the noise from their conversation spilling into my own. Or, during a movie, I could avoid those stomach-churning sound effects.

Eventually, I got my wish and discovered Sound canceling earphones. Now, not only can I enjoy peace and quiet when needed, but I also block out other distractions while listening to my music or podcast. These headphones have become essential to my life, whether at home or on the go.

Input: Homemade Jewelry 

Output: When I was younger, my mom would always make jewelry. She would cut pieces of metal and wire and solder them together to create beautiful pieces she would give my sisters or me as birthday presents. I remember my excitement when I received my first piece of homemade jewelry. It was a special gift from my mother and made me feel exceptional. Now that I am older, I love making my jewelry too! 

Tips and tricks

Write about a problem that you solved for someone.

  1. Always start with the end in mind—what product or service do you want to discuss?
  2. Be clear and concise when describing your product or service.
  3. Talk about how your product or service solves problems and improves people’s lives.
  4. Use concrete examples to illustrate your points.
  5. Make sure your story is entertaining and easy to read.
  6. Include photos, screenshots, or other visuals to help illustrate your story.

Frequently asked questions

What is a product story?

A product story is a narrative about a product or service. Product stories evoke emotions, spark curiosity and motivate people to action. They can be used to sell products, services, or ideas. They can also tell the story of a product development process or explain how a product solves a problem.

How do I come up with a product story?

 One way is to read about other products and their success. Look at what people in your industry are doing and see if there is a unique approach that you can take. Once you have an idea for a product, you will need to flesh out the story. This can be done by talking to customers, researching the market, and developing ideas for marketing campaigns.