Product Name Generator

The Product name generator is a new AI-powered product that helps you generate better product names for your online store. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise to come up with the best possible names for your products. This tool is perfect for coming up with catchy and unique product names to help promote your business and make sales.

Brand names are important because they help customers remember the product and help spread word-of-mouth advertising. It can also give you an advantage over your competitors if you pick a better name than they do

Unlike business names, product names are much easier to pick because you won’t be stuck with that name if you wish to change it later. Unless you are a single-product business, you don’t have to worry about matching a product so there is no concern about domain availability. You should also check out our business name generator to get some catchy business names.

Product Name Generator


To use the generator, enter keywords about your product and press the “Write My Text” button.

Suggestions to try

  • Clothes made from organic cotton
  • Bicycles that use non-toxic paint and oil finishes
  • Sustainable wood furniture
  • Natural Beauty products
  • Affordable cleaning products

Product Name Samples

Sample 1 Little Black Dress

Input: Little Black Dress

Output: The little black dress of happiness

Sample 2 Diamond Ring

Input: Engagement Ring

Output: The Endless Love Ring

Sample 3 Fictional Spaceship

Input: Starship with warp drive

Output: The Warp-Tiger

Sample 4 Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Input: Custom Cabinets

Output: Honey Oak Custom Wood Cabinet

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips for choosing a product name.

  1. Consider the product’s purpose. Is it a tool, toy, or accessory? If it is an accessory, is it meant to be worn on the body or carried around?
  2. Think about how you will market and sell the product. What adjectives would describe it? Unique, empowering, fun, etc.
  3. Develop a catchy name that accurately reflects the product’s features and meets your marketing goals.
  4. Be careful not to violate any trademarks or copyrights. It cannot be easy to find appropriate names for products without infringing on another company’s intellectual property rights.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does the generator work?

A: A computer program that creates artificial intelligence typically starts with a database of examples of human intelligence. The program then tries to create an artificial intelligence similar to the examples in the database.

In short, the program has looked at millions of bits of data and shows you results based on its own experience.

Q: How do you pick a product name?

A: Some tips for choosing a product name include brainstorming different options with friends, researching existing products and brands, and considering what the product will be used for or represents. Additionally, it can help to think about the sound of the name and whether it would fit well with the brand’s image and marketing strategy.

A good product name will be catchy, descriptive, and resonate with customers when shared on social media. It should also be easy to remember and spell.

Q: Why is a catchy product name important?

A: A catchy product name is important because it is an integral part of a product’s branding and reflects its purpose and what consumers expect from it.

Q: What factors should you consider when choosing a product name?

A: When choosing a product name, factors include the product’s target audience, the brand’s identity and positioning, and the name’s potential to generate excitement and interest. Additionally, selecting a name that is memorable and descriptive of the product is vital.