Product Keyword Tool

Use this product keyword tool to find longtail keywords and to see what customers are really searching for. If you name your product something that no one is looking for, then it is much harder to sell. This tool pulls data from search engines to see what your customers may be putting in to find products like yours.

How to use the product keyword tool?

  1. Put the basic name of your product to see what into the keyword tool and press start.
  2. You’ll get a long list of real searches that people have entered into Google.
  3. Press stop when you have a good size list.
  4. Export and save the list to your computer.

What is a longtail keyword?

A longtail keyword is a search phrase that has a low number of searches per month but has a high conversion rate. These keywords are often overlooked by marketers because they don’t have the volume to justify the cost of advertising. However, these keywords are often more profitable because they convert better.

Your product keyword needs to be competitive if you want it to rank high on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

In other words longtail keywords:

  • Have fewer searches
  • Are easier to rank in search engines
  • Convert better i.e. can make more money

Basic Keyword Vs. Longtail

If you are selling clothing, for example, you may want to enter “dresses” into the tool. You’ll get results such as:

dresses for women
dresses for girls
dresses for wedding
dresses for wedding guest
dresses to wear to a wedding
dresses Australia
dresses amazon

Choose your keywords

Pick words that will be less competitive. Usually the longer the keyword the less it gets searched. The order of the words can mean a lot too. The search for “Wedding dress” will bring up different results than “dresses to wear to a wedding”.

When naming your items be specific as possible. Because the effort required to search for items is very little, people will keep refining their search until they find exactly what they want.