newsletter ideas generator

Newsletter Ideas Generator for Powerful Titles

Use this Newsletter Ideas Generator when you are stuck for ideas to send your list.

Email marketing is a great effective tool, but if you let your list grow cold, you risk them forgetting who you are. This is a misstep I’ve made, and you really don’t want to make the same mistake!

Nurture your list!

You can’t just write a “buy our stuff now!” email with a photo of your product and expect the orders to pour in. You will get much better results if you put in the effort. You have to nurture your list for it to be effective. This means sending quality content that your readers love regularly.

However, sending emails weekly or even monthly means you will run out of ideas sooner or later. That’s when you need something to give your inspiration.

That’s where this Newsletter Ideas Generator comes in.

Generators like this won’t do the work for you. They do make it much easier for you to draw out your natural creative abilities. That’s the philosophy behind my Marketing Email Generator This is because it writes a lot of the (boring) starter text for you and allows you to add creative parts relative to your business.

Sharing other people’s ideas

If you can’t create your own content fast enough, you can also share someone else’s. Just always remember to credit them with an acknowledgment and a link. Here are a few ideas:

  • Infographics – Use Canva to create your infographics or find some on Pinterest
  • Pins – Make your own or share an illustrative pin
  • YouTube videos -Anything related to your subject
  • Top ten lists are attention-getting, quick to read, and simple to remember.

Note: If you are using ads on Facebook, you can share links to other people’s content and pass it through a link shortener. These are services like that use URL retargeting.