Power Word Generator

Use this Power Word Generator to find the right phrases for your copywriting and sales pages. Use these words for calls to action, to promote scarcity, and generate interest in your product or service.

What are Power Words?

Power words are words that evoke strong emotions. They are used in copywriting to increase the effectiveness and persuasiveness of an ad.

Power words can help increase the effectiveness and persuasiveness of an ad or speech, but they can also be used in everyday language to make a sentence sound more powerful. They are usually short, sharp words that contain emotional triggers.

This extraordinary power word generator can suggest many fantastic words and phrases. These will help power up your content and make your writing amazing. Use these rock-solid words to entice your customers to action.

How to use the power word generator

Click on a category on the power word generator above to get a random word. The category you choose depends on what you are selling. Use this guide below to help select the right category.

Power word categories


Safety power words are great when you want to give your customers peace of mind. These are great words to use for insurance, home repair, or even to ensure your customer of their purchase. Safety power words examples include Fully refundable, Guilt-free, and Best-selling.


Encouraging power words build up the product, invoke confidence for the customer, and push them to the sale. Words include Mind-blowing, Sensational, and Breathtaking.


Greed power words appeal to the customer’s sense of want. These words often deal with a fear of missing out on a bargain, limited opportunity, or social status. Words include value, “While they last”, and save.


Lust power words tie into the customer’s sense of pleasure. Despite the name, lust words don’t always deal with sex, although they can. Words include Mischievous, Explicit, and Longing.


Anger power words trigger outrage and entitlement. These are great to use when you are addressing a problem that your product or service solves. Words include infuriating, underhanded, and arrogant.


Forbidden power words tie into the emotions of missing out and wanting to have something we can’t. Use these words when you want the customer to feel special and exclusive. Example words and phrases include “become an insider,” untold, and confidential.

Why use power words?

As you can see from the examples above power words are words that have a psychological effect on the reader. They can be used for many different purposes, such as to describe a product, to create an emotional response in the reader, or to persuade the reader to take action.

Seo programs are now encouraging web developers to include power words in the headings because they are more likely to be clicked than those pages without these words in their titles. Finding the right word can be a challenge, so that’s why I made the power word generator.

Many people use powerful words every day without even realizing it. They can be used for all sorts of reasons such as advertising and marketing, writing blog posts, or writing emails to customers.