Simple & Effective Paragraph Rewriter

This paragraph rewriter tool is software that will transform your content into a different form. Writers and website managers can use it to rewrite paragraphs by looking up synonyms for your text. Unlike other similar software, this tool doesn’t automatically spin text but lets you choose from a selection of words to maintain quality.

How to use the paragraph rewriter?

  1. Type or paste your text into the editor above.
  2. Press the rewrite button.
  3. Click on words to see synonym suggestions.
  4. Click a suggestion to replace that word.
  5. Click done when you have finished replacing the words.
  6. Click copy.
  7. Optional – Edit in SubjectScribe

What is a paragraph rewriter?

A paragraph rewriter is a tool that helps people find words to use when they are writing. These tools can be used by students who need to write essays or essays. A synonym tool will search for words and phrases with similar meanings and provide them for the writer.

What is a synonym?

A word will be counted as a synonym if it means the same thing as another word and can be substituted in the place of the original word. Writers have used synonyms since ancient times to create variety in their writings.

Synonyms are handy in all forms of writing, but especially in persuasive essays. If an author cannot find the perfect word, they can instead use phrases like “likewise” or “similarly.” These types of expressions may not be as strong as the original word, but they will still help readers understand what you’re trying to say.

Writers use synonyms to keep their writing from sounding repetitive and boring. For example, if a writer wants to mention something twice but doesn’t want it to sound like they’re just repeating themselves, they can use synonyms instead of repeating the same word or phrase.

For example, you might say a “beautiful dress” at the start of your writing, and then later in the text, you can use the words “attractive clothing.’

If you don’t have synonyms in your vocabulary, it will be difficult for you to write well because there will be points where you’re using the exact words repeatedly, which can lead your writing to sound boring and repetitive.

Why use manual spinning?

Spinning is rewriting an article by changing words and phrases to make the writing appear different.

Manual spinning is usually tricky because you have to find synonyms for every word. Look up words and replacing them one by one can be a time-consuming and tedious process. If you’d like to use manual spinning without software, you can look up words in a thesaurus.

Spinning bots are much more quickly than manual spinning because they can generate multiple articles with a single click, but they are less accurate.

Sometimes software can not tell the exact meaning of a word. Take, for instance, the word “Sentence.” It may mean a string of words, or it could mean the final judgment in a court case. You would select the right word in an instance, but a computer may not pick up on that.

This paragraph rewriter uses a different form of manual spinning by letting a human select the best synonyms for a given phrase or sentence. This paragraph rewriter combines the best of the two ways to do it.

paragraph rewriter -manual spinning
paragraph rewriter with manual spinning example

Tips for rewriting a paragraph

To rewrite a paragraph, readers should start by reading the section carefully and then identifying the main point. The reader should then check if they can find synonyms or even better phrases to make the paragraph more interesting.

  1. Read the paragraph you would like to rewrite for context.
  2. Determine what elements you would like to keep and what elements you want to change.
  3. Make edits accordingly.
  4. Review your changes for mistakes or unclear sentences