product description writing services

Product Description Writing Services

I’ve been running the product description generator for some time now and have been asked to sell custom product descriptions from time to time. I understand that people come to me because the product description writing services on sites like Fivver can be costly. That’s why I have created these tools.

If the classic product description generator doesn’t have your category, I suggest checking out the Advanced Product Description Maker or the Template Generator. These tools will give you unlimited descriptions for a fair price and don’t depend on a category since they are based on fill-in-the-blank sentences.

However, if you’ve not the time or prefer to use professional writing services done by humans, I understand, and I’m happy to help out. You need not let the lack of time to write stop you from success!

How it works

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Samples of My Product Description Writing Services

Each sample description is roughly 100 words long, and was made with the advanced product description maker, and tweaked by hand.

Little Black Dress

You deserve to bring out your inner beauty with the help of this sensational dress. This little black dress will make you the center of attention! If you want to turn heads, the hem-line makes the ideal for clubbing but not so risque as it wouldn’t fit into an office event as well. The open back will add some edge to any look and looks exceptionally mesmerizing. For all your occasions, this wonderful staying makes this dress an absolute must-have. Look no further; you’ve found your perfect little black dress!


Who hasn’t thought about dressing up to the 9s? With this drop-dead gorgeous pearl necklace, you can do just that. This necklace will make you feel like you just walked off a classic movie set. With it’s Opera length strand combined with the lustrous pearls, this dazzling necklace will allow you to shine anywhere from the office to your nightlife. This necklace provides one of the easiest ways to dress up any outfit. Perfect From beginning to end, this breathtaking heavenly necklace will get you noticed for all the right reasons!

Men’s Shirt

The right shirt will make you feel confident because you are comfortable. This alluring cotton shirt will make you feel handsome and go great with that suit you always wear. If you want to attract attention, you’ll like the collar cut because it will draw attention to your face. The long sleeves will look professional whenever you take off your jacket and will keep you warm on those cool autumn nights. No matter where you go, this shirt will see you through. With a shirt like this, you’ll never have a second thought.

Hanging Lights

An aesthetically pleasing hanging light will instantly upgrade your home, and it will bring a calm, joyful feeling seeing your living room all lit up with soft heavenly light. It can be hard to get your lighting to be just right because you don’t want to take away from the room. That’s where this hanging light comes in. The lightweight paper makes these lamps so brilliant that it will not lose its appeal any time soon. Because they are light and affordable, you can easily hang multiple lamps in one room. Turn off individual lamps for different lighting moods. If you are looking for the perfect lamps to add a great effect to your living room, then you can’t go wrong with this one!

And even for products that we have never heard of, or that don’t exist!


It is now harder than ever to explore space, but this galaxy class starship can help.  If you like to avoid shuttlecrafts, then the transporter will be of interest to you because they can beam you down to the planet with ease. The photo torpedoes enable you to blast Romulans, anywhere, at any time.  You can make use of the warp drive to pick up milk on mars or fly to rescue an exploding world.  If you are looking for the perfect spaceship, then you can’t go wrong with this one!

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How much do product descriptions cost?

Each description is around 100 words long. The current rates for custom product descriptions are:

  • 10 Descriptions – $27
  • 25 Descriptions – $47
  • 60 Descriptions -$60