Happy New Year 2021

More Tools Released!

In between updating product descriptions, I have been making a lot of tools that I hope will be helpful. While ItemScribe has and always will be dedicated to bringing you quick quality product descriptions for your shops and websites, I am now branching out with similar tools for Emails and Blog Posts.

Here is what to expect in 2021


The classic generator will remain, but I’ll be reworking the advanced tools I put out this year to make it an easier experience. The goal is to allow for descriptions of almost any product without waiting for me to add a category.
I’m keeping the template generator tool that creates fill in the blank templates, but now I will have the software help you fill in the blank based on your product. A spinning feature that will allow you to choose synonyms rapidly will be added.


SubjectScribe is a suite of tools that will allow you to create fill in the blank blog post templates. The software will also help you fill in the blanks and spin. Initially, there will be 6 basic categories, but more will soon follow.

Blog Post Categories:

  • General problem solving
  • Personal finance
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Home Decor


MessageScribe is email template creator can help you turn out quality professional business email templates in just a few minutes. It can generate a series of campaign emails or single emails as well.

The email template creator will generate between 3 and 6 emails for campaigns. You can also have the software rewrite each email. If you are using SubjectScribe, you can also spin the text for a more district email.


  • Nurturing Emails
  • Affiliate Promotion
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Re-Engagement
  • Discount Offers
  • Product Launch

Single Emails

  • Call to action
  • newsletter email
  • blog post promotion email
  • guest post outreach email
  • influencer outreach email
  • feedback request email

I hope you will find these additional tools useful, and I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Best wishes for a profitable New Year.