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Custom Product Descriptions

I built the product description generator to offer a low-cost way to build product descriptions. I’m proud of the software and am continuously improving it. However, there is no substitute for the human imagination.

After a year of running the product description generator, I’m being continuously asked to write custom product descriptions. While there isn’t a way for me to personally write descriptions for the same price as the generator, I’ve done my best to get the cost as low as possible.

I’ve also come up with a mid-range solution. If you don’t mind assembling your own descriptions you can order a Product Description Copy and Paste Kit.

  • Each description will be unique to your store
  • Minimum of 100 words each description

Here are some Custom Product Description Samples that I’ve created

Pack of 20 Descriptions

  • $4.85/each

Pack of 50 Descriptions

  • $3.94/each

Pack of 100 Descriptions

  • $2.50/each

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.