Product Description examples for dresses

These are samples of custom products descriptions that I wrote. Feel free to steal them.

I took the 5 most popular dresses from AliExpress at time of writing and set out to write descriptions at least 200 words long. Each description focuses on details specific to each dress. I used the product description generator to get me started and did research on styles, trends, and anything about the dresses with which I was unfamiliar. Each description took about an hour to write.

Bohemian Beach Dress

When choosing a summer dress you want to find something that will keep you cool but also looking good. While each woman will have different opinions on the best summer dress, ultimately it’s up to you to choose what you’re comfortable and confident in.

This Bohemian beach dress was designed to be your go-to summer dress because it will keep you cozy and stylish all day long. It is loose enough to be comfortable without seeming baggy, and it is snug enough to be captivating.

This dress comes with a belt tie that fastens in the front which gives you look taller and slimmer look. The carefree and effortless ensemble exudes a cool vibe, perfect for summer, and the Bohemian style will give you the feeling of a nomadic spirit.

The high slit skirt will make your legs looks teasingly attractive and give your legs a sense of freedom. The hidden side zipper will give you a snug and secure fit and the ankle skirt will add a dash of fashion to your rotation. The natural waistline is super flattering and the short sleeves will make this dress a comfortable choice for your spring and summer wardrobe.

A dress like this with its non-conformist styles will always stay in fashion and will be a staple for many years to come.

Summer  Floral Dress

If you’ve been thinking of treating yourself to a new summer wardrobe, you don’t want to pass on this beautiful summer floral dress. There’s no better way to express to yourself than with a new outfit that will stand out and turn heads.

This dress was made to flaunt your shape and show off your legs, all the while keeping you cool as a cucumber this summer season and exudes a flirtatious, boho-chic look that is designed to take you from desk to dinner. Unpretentious enough for around the town, but avant-garde enough you won’t dare be ignored!

Elbow-length sleeves have been trending steadily for some time now, and these cute elbow length sleeves really enhance the simple elegance of this dress.

The skirt length is low enough to be modest but just high enough to give your legs a longer look and to give you slimmer demeanor. And the ‘above the knee’ height of the skirt will go just great with your favorite pair of flats.

The natural design of the floral print will make the plethora of colors stand out contrasting against the black fabric background. Give yourself the look and confidence you deserve and get this exquisite summer floral dress today!

Striped Summer Chiffon Dress with Roll-up Sleeves

This is just the right dress for the summer!

Perfect for the beach or the city, you’ll be dazzling in this stunning garment that shows off your sense of style, sophistication, and flair for fun. You’ll always look and feel your absolute best in this Striped Summer Chiffon Dress with Roll-up Sleeves which will soon become your summer favorite.

The above the knee hemline creates a short and sassy look that makes gives you a long-legged slimming look. The outfit is designed to not only show off your legs but also to keep you cool and comfortable.

The colorful stripes deliver a sparkling dazzle to your walk. The combination of vertical stripes and the belt tie will offer a cinching and slimming effect that will sleek out your figure. The belt will also accentuate your hips and waist for a look that’s both smart and flattering.

The Roll-up sleeves add to the overall elegance and practicality of the dress and are easy to roll-up when you need to free your arms or when it gets a bit too hot in the daytime.

The buttons down the front allow you to define the size of the V-shaped opening at your neck, giving the dress a touch of sensuality.

This could be the perfect dress for you!

Summer floral dress

This Summer floral dress will soon become a seasonal favorite. You’ll be dazzling in this stunning outfit that shows off your sense of style, sophistication, and flair for fun.

This dress is designed for looks and ease, made to be breathable and built for comfort.

Not only do the buttons in front make the dress easier to put it on, but this lovely dress has buttons all the way down so it can also be worn open with jeans and a t-shirt.

Since this below the knee length dress cuts off your legs visually midway, pair it with your favorite high heels to keep your legs looking long and lean.

A bare shoulders look shows off just enough to get you noticed and is sure to turn some heads, The halter straps will give you that edge that you are looking for.

The empire waistline will elongate your torso for a slimming effect on your figure and without any sleeves to get in your way of fun this dress shows off a jazzy look for those warm summer nights.

The knee length makes this charming dress perfect for a party, or the beach could be the perfect place to sport the pineapple print.

Whether by the sea, pool or on social media, this dress will have you looking your best!

Summer Slip On Dress

Show the world your bold taste and personal flair with this Blue Summer Slip-on dress that radiates confidence! This dress will add some summer sizzle to your next special event. Go sleeveless for a gorgeous summer look! The cotton blend will allow your skin to breathe while you enjoy a really fashionable look! Perfect for the hot summer days.

The hem comes to just above the knee, for a look that’s both smart and eye-catching. This is short enough to be flirty, but still long enough to be appropriate for most events Above-the-knee dresses will always look great with either sneakers or heels.

The v-neck neckline shows the perfect amount of cleavage and brings a certain boldness and self-assurance to your outfit. This neckline style is a very popular choice of women of all shapes and sizes because it will flatter any figure.

The beautiful blue color will have you feeling good inside and out and the asymmetrical design will accentuate your shapely shoulders and collarbones and will balance your shape. The natural waistline design follows the natural curves of your body to create a form-flattering shape.

Tie everything together with a pair of statement earrings you’re good to go.