Content Generators – About ItemScribe

ItemScribe is a website in the business of content generators of text for copywriting purposes. It saves online businesses time and money by generating useful text.

The website started in late 2018 solely for the purposes of generating product descriptions. This was a success due to people needing to solve the problem of writing descriptions without hiring a professional writer.

This continued until about mid-2020 when it was decided to tackle more of the challenges business have today. For that, the move was made to add more content generators.

Both SubjectScribe and MessasgeScribe were released just before the start of 2021.

Current Content Generators

ItemScribe – Product Descriptions

The descriptor software uses a combination of natural language processing, artificial intelligence, content generators, and a huge database to make amazing descriptions.

SubjectScribe – Blog Posts

 A generator where the software provides the content, and you provide the human part. The app will give you a fill in the blank template, and you provide the answers and we help fill in the blanks,  with lots of suggestions!

MessageScribe – Email Campaigns

The email template creator will generate between 3 and 6 emails for your email marketing campaigns. You can also have the software rewrite each separate email.

Future Generators

Canned Response Generator

This will be a customer service response creator and will probably be rolled into MessageScribe.


This will be a collections of tools that generate content for social media platforms. The following list of tools is planned for the suite.

  • YouTube Description Generator
  • Facebook Ad Text Generator
  • General Ads Generator
  • Social Media Text & Idea Generator

About Me

William Clarkson

My name is William. I created this site to help people write content and to provide a living for my family. I’ve been mostly a game programmer for the last 20 years, and moved into this niche when I saw an opportunity in the market. Before I was a programmer, I was a vendor, and for a very brief time, a performer at Renaissance Festivals around the Untied States. After spending 4 years in Silicon Valley, I now live with my wife in rural Thailand.